For some people, Psalm 119 is an extraordinarily redundant and long passage of Scripture. For others, it is a profound declaration of the magnificence of Scripture and the love relationship true Christians will have with it.

Following are some thoughts from those who have treasured this chapter of Scripture.

The theme of this Psalm is: The God of the Word powerfully internalizing the Word of God in the child of God.1 George J. Zemek, The Word of God in the Child of God, p. xiv

Zemek calls this chapter the “Grand Canyon of applied Bibliology.”

Joseph B. Rotherham in his book Studies in the Psalms says, “the art is so exquisite that, when familiarized, it not only gratifies the taste, but aids the judgment, and ministers to the hunger of the spirit.”2Found in George Zemek, The Word of God in the Child of God, p. 5

Derek Kidner says it is a “giant among the Psalms.” Psalms 73-1503 (Downers Grove, IL: Intervarsity Press, 1980), p. 416 Found in George Zemek, The Word of God in the Child of God, p. 3

Concerning the value of God’s Word, Martin Luther said:

“I have made a covenant with God that he sends me neither visions, dreams, nor even angels. I am well satisfied with the gift of the Holy Scriptures, which give me abundant instruction and all that I need to know both for this life and for that which is to come.”4 Martin Luther. Steven Lawson, Holman Old Testament Commentary, p. 234

As you consider each week a verse from this great Psalm, take time to meditate. Consider writing the verse of the week down on a card or put it on your phone so that you can meditate on it throughout the week. Ask God to grant you a receptive heart that would learn to love God’s Word as the Psalmist does. Pray with the Psalmist:

Open my eyes, that I may behold wonderful things from Your law.
Psalm 119:18