I sought Your favor with all my heart; be gracious to me according to Your word.
Psalm 119:58

The first phrase could be translated I sought Your face. It is relational. The psalmist had hope in the goodness and grace of the covenant keeping God.

With all my heart is instructional. You cannot do more than “with all your heart.” When the Bible speaks of loving God, it says with “all your heart.” This means that there is nothing that should compete with your desire to please God.

We are all very blessed to be beneficiaries of God’s word. It is in God’s word that we learn of God’s character and purposes. It is hard to imagine what life would be like without such a precious resource. One of the amazing benefits of having God’s word is that we can pray according to God’s will. That is the essence of what the psalmist is doing in this verse. He has learned of God’s grace from God’s word and is simply asking God to extend that same grace to him.

Notice how the psalmist connects his prayers to the word of God:

May Your lovingkindnesses also come to me, O Lord, Your salvation according to Your word;
Psalm 119:41

You have dealt well with Your servant, O Lord, according to Your word.
Psalm 119:65

O may Your lovingkindness comfort me, dccording to Your word to Your servant.
Psalm 119:76

Let my supplication come before You; deliver me according to Your word.
Psalm 119:170

What better way to pray than according to God’s word. When we meditate on God’s word, our prayers will be grounded in the truths that are so powerfully revealed in His word. The result will be prayers that are consistent with the will of God.