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Becoming Biblical Elders

Ministry Training
The sessions can be viewed on XL’s Youtube channel here.

Becoming Biblical Elders
Tom Pennington, Pastor-teacher, Countryside Bible Church

  • A Summary of the Arguments for Biblical Eldership
  • A Biblical Understanding of a Call
  • A Biblical Understanding of the Function of an Elder and Elders


  • Developing Elders in Your Church, Lay Elder’s Perspective
    Bryan Chandler, Lay Elder, Countryside Bible Church and XL Ministries Board Member
  • XL’s Materials for Elder Training
    Jonathan Anderson, Senior Associate Pastor, Countryside Bible Church and XL Ministries Board Member
    (These elder training materials are available at no charge, and churches have the freedom to adapt the materials for their specific church.
  • Additional Resources from XL Ministries
    Rocky Wyatt, XL Ministries Executive Director


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Audio archives for prior training sessions are available here.

Note: there are no archives for 2021, as those sessions had to be canceled due to the extreme weather and conditions.

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