• Daily in the New Testament Provides a 365-day schedule to read through the New Testament. Includes observation questions on the daily passages, as well as a brief overview of each book. Space is provided with each day's passage to record your answer to the question.
  • Daily in the Word

    Provides a schedule to read the Bible through in one year, organized approximately in chronological order, as the books of the Bible were written over time. There is an observation-type question that goes with each day's passage, plus a place to record you answer to the question and a key thought about what you learned from the day's reading. There is also a brief overview with historical background or other basic information for each book of the Bible.
  • Journey through the New Testament

    Read Through the New Testament in a Year

    Provides a schedule to read the New Testament in one year, with the readings arranged approximately chronologically. In the Gospels, the readings are arranged in harmony and approximately as the events occurred. The readings for the other books are scheduled to follow the chronology of when they were written. Content and application questions are included for each NT passage. Also includes a schedule for Old Testament passages.
  • Proverbs For A Year

    In this read-through, Proverbs is read twelve times in the year, focusing on a different area each month (wisdom, righteousness, wealth, anger, etc.). Each day has a place to record what you learned from the day's reading plus a short personal application assignment.


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