Pastoral Training in the Church (by Rocky Wyatt)

Pastoral training hasn’t always been separated from the local church body. Far from being a recent concept, pastors training pastors used to be the rule rather than the exception. The path for a young man responding to the call of ministry today, however, typically follows a different trajectory: Both he and his home church may invest in formal training that requires him and his growing family to move away for several years. While his theological knowledge deepens, he misses out on the practical experience of budget balancing, administration, event planning, conflict resolution, elders’ meetings, class teaching, hospital visits, biblical counseling, one-on-one discipleship with a seasoned shepherd, and much more. He often finds limited opportunity for ministry at his temporary local church, and upon graduation, may never return to his home church after securing a job elsewhere. Pastoral Training in the Church invites readers to consider the biblical pattern for training found in Scripture. Walking through the gospels, it demonstrates the value of life-on-life, on-the-job training from Christ’s earthly ministry with His disciples. The book also examines the early church in its expansion, along with the pastoral epistles that offer both instruction and qualifications for leadership. The benefits as well as the limitations of seminary training and training within the church are straightforwardly addressed. The author leaves churches with a warm encouragement to markedly intensify their involvement in the process of training men, along with providing opportunities and resources for how to specifically accomplish this task.