Youth Ministry Training Manual


The Youth Ministry Training Manual

8 x 9″ Hardback, 474 pages

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The Youth Ministry Training Manual is a practical, functional guide for those with a desire to implement or improve youth ministry at the local church level:

  • Full-time, paid youth workers in a larger church who desire to increase their understanding of youth work and the spiritual effectiveness of the youth program,
  • Part-time, paid workers in a smaller church who have need of increased training and additional resources for youth ministry,
  • Volunteer youth workers in any church who desire to increase their knowledge of youth work and perhaps implement a program where none exists.

We have found the manual to be extremely valuable in preparing our XL Ministries interns for effective ministry within the local church.  We believe that it will continue to be an extremely effective tool in preparing and sending out ministers who will be spiritually prepared to excel in the work for the Lord.

This resource is designed to be a multi-faceted tool, providing:

  • Instruction and exhortation concerning the personal spiritual life of the youth worker
  • Information crucial to the professional youth worker, such as how to:
    – Candidate for a position
    – Get settled in a church
    – Make changes without destroying support
    – Keep clear lines of communication with parents, board members and the senior pastor
    – Recruit (and dismiss) volunteers
    – Train a youth staff
    – Make a proper transition to a new ministry
  • Extensive guidelines for counseling teens and their parents in a biblical manner
  • Directions for establishing and coordinating various youth ministry programs, such as:
    – Small groups
    – Mid-week meetings
    – Sunday school
    – Student leadership
    – Community outreach
    – Advanced discipleship
  • Detailed instructions on how to plan activities and evaluate their effectiveness
  • Detailed instructions on how to plan and implement a camp, including:
    – Needed resources
    – Location selection
    – Structuring the camp program
    – Utilizing leaders and counselors
  • Instruction on effective teaching, including
    – Important resources
    – How to study
    – How to outline
    – How to improve delivery skills
    – How to use creativity effectively
    – How to design a comprehensive teaching program
  • A solid, biblical viewpoint on how to deal with hot topics, such as sex and dating, contemporary Christian music and self-esteem

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