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The Christian and Government, Part 5, Rocky Wyatt, 2014-02-24
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Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer, Part 12: Our Relationship to the Truth, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-09-23
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Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer, Part 9: Plan Accomplished Perfectly, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-09-02
Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer, Part 8: Keep Them in Your Name, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-08-26
Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer, Part 7: Jesus Prays for His Disciples, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-08-19
Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer, Part 6: Human Responsibility, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-08-12
Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer, Part 5: Sovereign Election, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-08-05
Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer, Part 4: Jesus’ Condescension, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-07-29
Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer, Part 3: Mission Accomplished, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-07-22
Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer, Part 2: A Gift from God, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-07-15
Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer, Part 1: The Hour Has Come, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-07-08
The Pattern of Christ, Lesson 3, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-07-01
The Pattern of Christ, Lesson 2, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-06-24
The Pattern of Christ, Lesson 1, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-06-17
The Betrayal, Part 6 – The Instructions, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-06-10
The Betrayal, Part 5 – The Glory, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-06-03
The Betrayal, Part 4 – Confusion, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-05-27
The Betrayal, Part 3 – The Request, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-05-20
The Betrayal, Part 2 – The Disciples’ Confusion, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-05-13
The Betrayal, Part 1 – Jesus’ Declaration, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-05-06
Five Imperatives for Christian Living, Part 6: Love, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-04-29
Five Imperatives for Christian Living, Part 5: Be Strong, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-04-22
Five Imperatives for Christian Living, Part 4: Act Like Men, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-04-15
Five Imperatives for Christian Living, Part 3: Stand Firm in the Faith, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-04-08
Five Imperatives for Christian Living, Part 2: Be on the Alert!, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-04-01
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God Knows, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-03-18
The Testimony of Moses, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-03-11
Christianity Without Christ!, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-03-04
The Testimony of Christ, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-02-25
Ministry Competition?, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-02-18
Thinking Right, Part 3, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-02-11
Thinking Right, Part 2, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-02-04
Thinking Right, Part 1, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-01-28
The Grace to Come, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-01-21
What is the Relationship between Joy and Trials?, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-01-14
Five Lessons on Faith, Rocky Wyatt, 2013-01-07
Five Lessons Regarding Trials, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-12-31
A Genuine Concern about Jesus, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-12-17
A Ministry Pattern Established, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-12-10
A Simple Pattern for Ministry, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-12-03
Introducing Jesus, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-11-26
The Humility of John the Baptist, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-11-19
The Mission of John the Baptist, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-11-12
Talking Back to God, Part 5
God Rejects Arrogance, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-11-05
Talking Back to God, Part 4 – God Requires Repentance, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-10-29
Talking Back to God, Part 3, Emotionalism Rejected, Obedience Required, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-10-22
Talking Back to God, Part 2 – Offering Inappropriate Worship, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-10-15
Talking Back to God, Part 1
Questioning God’s Love, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-10-08
The Inheritance for the Saints, Part 4, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-10-01
The Inheritance for the Saints, Part 3, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-09-24
The Inheritance for the Saints, Part 2, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-09-17
The Inheritance for the Saints, Part 1, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-09-10
A Living Hope, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-09-03
The Mercy of God, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-08-27
Educated by the Grace of God
Titus 2:11-14, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-08-20
God’s Glorious Word, Part 4
Psalm 119, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-08-13
God’s Glorious Word, Part 3
Psalm 119, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-08-06
God’s Glorious Word, Part 2, Psalm 119, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-07-30
God’s Glorious Word, Psalm 119, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-07-23
Standing with Our Persecuted Brothers and Sisters, Brian Murphy, 2012-07-02
How Big is God and How Small are We?, Brian Murphy, 2012-06-18
Talk to Yourself!, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-06-11
Spiritual Bookends, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-06-04
Church Discipline, Part 6, The Purity of the Church, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-05-28
Church Discipline, Part 5: Accusations Against Elders, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-05-21
Church Discipline, Part 4: Dealing with a Factious Man, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-05-14
Church Discipline, Part 3: Church Discipline – According to Scripture, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-05-07
Church Discipline in the Life of the Church, Part 2 – What about lawsuits?, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-04-30
Church Discipline in the Life of the Church, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-04-23
Paul’s Passion for the Gospel, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-04-16
The God with a Name, Brian Murphy, 2012-04-02
Treasure Hunting, Brian Murphy, 2012-03-26
The Incredible Grace of God, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-03-19
Priorities, Brian Murphy, 2012-03-05
Facing Affliction (Part 5), Limited Vision, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-02-27
Facing Affliction Part 4, The Sufficiency of God’s Comfort, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-02-13
Facing Affliction (Part 3), God is Sovereign, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-01-30
Facing Affliction (Part 2), God is Good – Always!, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-01-23
Facing Affliction (Part 1) – Counseling the Afflicted, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-01-16
Trusting God when Life is Difficult, Rocky Wyatt, 2012-01-02
Farewell, Part 19, An Appropriate Farewell, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-12-19
Farewell, Part 18, Pay Attention!, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-12-12
Farewell, Part 17, Danger Ahead!, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-12-05
Farewell, Part 16, Ending With a Clear Conscience, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-11-28
God is Good, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-11-21
Farewell, Part 15, When Your Ministry Ends, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-11-14
Farewell, Part 14, Solemnly Testifying, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-11-07
Farewell, Part 13, A Biblical Perspective of Self Makes a Biblical Ministry, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-10-24
Farewell, Part 12, A Biblical Perspective of Self, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-10-17
Farewell, Part 11, Biblical Characteristics of Slaves, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-10-10
Farewell, Part 10, Repentance and Faith, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-10-03
Farewell, Part 9, Repentance and the Gospel, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-09-19
Farewell, Part 8, Paul’s Teaching was Inclusive, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-09-05
Farewell, Part 7, Passionate Preaching, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-08-29
Farewell, Part 6, A Commitment to Proclaim the Truth, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-08-22
Farewell, Part 5, With Trials, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-08-15
Farewell, Part 4, With Tears, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-08-08
Farewell, Part 3, In All Humility, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-08-01
Farewell, Part 2, A Life of Service, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-07-25
Farewell, Part 1, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-07-18
Peace in the Midst of Turmoil, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-07-11
God’s Perfect Faithfulness, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-06-27
Religious Duty and Pride, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-06-20
Warning Signs for Sinful Thinking, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-06-13
God-Focused vs. Self-Focused, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-06-06
I Am So Stupid!, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-05-23
The Bedrock of Joy, Eric Ellis, 2011-05-16
Waiting Patiently, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-05-09
Talking Too Much, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-05-02
Who Am I?, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-04-25
Embracing the Urgency of the Message, Eric Ellis, 2011-04-18
God’s Blessing or God’s Honor, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-04-11
A Lone Prophet, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-04-04
A Noteworthy Servant, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-03-28
Faith and Fear, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-03-21
Be Examples, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-03-14
Be Imitators, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-03-07
Peace in the Midst of Uncertainty, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-02-28
First-Time Obedience, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-02-21
The Believer in a Wicked World, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-02-14
Vulnerability, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-02-07
God and the Storm, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-01-31
On Fly-fishing and Spiritual Growth, Eric Ellis, 2011-01-24
Paul’s Life in One Verse, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-01-17
God is Revealed, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-01-10
Be Alert!, Rocky Wyatt, 2011-01-03
Interruptions in Light of Sovereignty, Eric Ellis, 2010-12-27
God’s Ways, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-12-20
What is Man?, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-12-13
The Kindness of God our Savior, Bryan Ryan, 2010-12-06
Ask for Anything!, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-11-29
Naivety as an Excuse, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-11-22
God’s Work God’s Way, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-10-25
Unscheduled Ministry Opportunities, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-10-18
Follow Me, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-10-11
Going Crazy, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-10-04
God’s Sovereign Plan, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-09-27
Getting What You Want, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-09-13
Hannah – An Amazing Testimony of Faith, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-09-06
Sin’s Dismal Effects, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-08-30
Spiritual Good Luck Charms, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-08-23
Feeling Inadequate?, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-08-16
Honoring Christ when we are Tempted to Grumble!, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-08-09
Jesus Marveled, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-08-02
You Cannot Hide!, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-07-26
The Failure to Follow Instructions can be Deadly, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-07-19
Faith and Fire (Not Fire Insurance), Rocky Wyatt, 2010-07-12
Take a Chance on Faith, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-07-05
Ministry Defined, Part 11, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-06-28
Ministry Defined, Part 10, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-06-21
Ministry Defined, Part 9, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-06-14
Ministry Defined, Part 8, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-06-07
Ministry Defined, Part 7, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-05-31
Ministry Defined, Part 6, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-05-24
Ministry Defined, Part 5, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-05-17
Ministry Defined, Part 4, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-05-10
Ministry Defined, Part 3, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-05-03
Ministry Defined, Part 2, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-04-26
Ministry Defined, Part 1, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-04-19
Maintaining Balance, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-04-1
The Blood of Christ, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-04-05
Passion Week, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-03-29
Our Passover Lamb, Eric Ellis, 2010-03-22
Leadership and God’s Presence, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-03-15
Frustrations in Ministry – Be Careful!, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-03-08
Snapshot or Video?, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-02-22
The Heart of Adoption, Part 3, Chris Riser, 2010-02-22
From Worship to Whining, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-02-15
Biblical Leadership – Not Always What You Expect!, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-02-08
The Heart of Adoption, Part 2, Chris Riser, 2010-02-01
The Heart of Adoption, Chris Riser, 2010-01-25
Walking in His Sovereign Love, Eric Ellis, 2010-01-18
The Mortification of Sin, Rocky Wyatt, 2010-01-11
Great is the Lord, Ed Godfrey, 2010-01-04
Setting a Course, Rocky Wyatt, 2009-12-28
A Great Week for Reflection, Rocky Wyatt, 2009-12-21
Let Justice Roll Down, Brian Murphy, 2009-12-14