XL Ministries exists to provide leadership training materials, structure, and support to the local church as it endevours to train elders, pastors, and missionaries.

~2 Timothy 2:2~

Excellence in Leadership Missions Conference

That The World May Know

February 20-21, 2025
Countryside Bible Church, Southlake, Texas

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XL’s founders believe that the church is absolutely the best place to train men for ministry.  Because of this, in 1992 XL Ministries was formed with the intent of developing internships that could be accomplished within the context of the local church.

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What We Believe

We believe in glorifying God.  We accomplish this by guiding churches towards the training and equipping of their own members to be leaders in their local church.  We believe that, by the Lord’s grace, He will raise up qualified leaders to perform the work of the gospel in the church.

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“Churches can easily fall into the habit of praying that God will raise up elders for the benefit of the church, as though the responsibility falls completely on God. The truth is that it is the church’s responsibility to train godly men to become elders.”

Rocky Wyatt, President, XL Ministries

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Chris Riser, Senior Pastor of Grace Community Church in Maryville, Tennessee
Board Member of XL Ministries

What We Do

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Using ‘Becoming A Biblical Leader’ to train lay leaders, both men and women, through out the church

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2-3 year internship for men to prepare to be a pastor or youth pastor in their local church

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Using ‘Becoming A Biblical Elder’ to develop and train local church elders

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2 year internship for men, women, or couples to be missionaries and be sent from their local church

XL Ministries Internships

shutterstock 1426999403 XL MinistriesWe don’t bring people to us for the internship. We provide the curriculum, the structure, and the support for the local pastor to intern potential pastors, youth pastors, and missionaries in their own church.  Hands-on training for ministry is most effective when supervised by an experienced pastor. In this way interns can be exposed to the rigors, failures, and triumphs of ministry in an environment that is protective of both the interns and those with whom they work. To that end, we work to equip and empower the local church to train its own leaders and elders.  One mandate upon pastors is to train up other pastors.  In line with this, the internships faciliated by XL Ministries set up a tested, thoughtful, faithful, and proven way for such biblical discipleship and training to take place.  XL internships are accomlished in like-minded churches, large or small, and incorporate both theological training as well as practical training, because both are essential for a man to succeed in ministry.

About the Internships

XL offers two internship programs: Pastoral and Missions. Our pastoral internship can be focused towards either the lead/associate pastoral role or the youth pastoral role. All our programs have Bible knowledge, systematic theology, and practical theology. The youth pastoral internship also incorporates training topics that are specific to youth ministry and found within our Youth Ministry Training Manual. Though some might expect missions and pastoral internships to be vastly different, they are actually similar in many aspects. The missions internship includes the same Bible knowledge and theological training as the pastoral internship, because missionaries need to be as qualified as any church elder.  The Missions Internship allows for a couple to intern together so that they can be trained to be sent with the same ministry training.


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shutterstock 354175895 XL MinistriesEach internship is a combination of practical and theological training, incorporating a series of assignments over the course of 24 months.  If an intern is in seminary during the internship, their schedule will be modified and extend to either 30-months or 36-months, to accommodate the rigors of seminary study.  Each intern will study under the supervision of their local pastor and complete monthly assignments.

The success of a training ministry can often be attributed to advanced planning and proper administration.  Pastoral and missions training is essentially as diverse as the church.  After all, the intent is to equip someone theologically and practically to be able to do the work of the ministry in the life of the church.  There are many internships that are offered in churches.  Some are very helpful in training a person for ministry.  Others are more designed to meet specific needs within a church while offering a person the opportunity to gain experience, rather than to providing intentional training.  True pastoral and missions training is much more developed.  It is based on a discipleship relationship between the church leaders and the intern, and includes education as well as practical experience.  It is not simply a program designed for someone to improve their leadership skills.