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Internship Resources

All internship resources are available by PDF and downloadable from our website but printed versions are only made available to the pastors and interns currently involved in the internship programs.

Ordination Training Manual

For each internship, the XL Ministries Ordination Training manual is used to help guide the intern through their education. It’s composed of four areas of focus: Bible Knowledge, Systematic Theology, Biblical Counseling and Apologetics. The Bible knowledge memorization includes the theme and outline of each book of the Bible, plus the key chapters, passages, people and dates for the book. 

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Sample Internship Schedules

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Pastoral Program

Youth Pastoral Program

Missions Program

Explanation of Pastoral Internship

XL Ministries provides an internship for those seeking to be trained in Pastoral or Youth Pastoral Ministry.  XL Internships are offered at your local church and under the leadership of your local church.

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