This has become mine, that I observe Your precepts.
Psalm 119:56

The psalmist is recognizing all the benefits that he has received because of God’s word and the truth it proclaims. This particular strophe has emphasized a few of the immense benefits that the believer receives from God’s word.

God’s word:

  • Gives us hope
  • Provides comfort in the midst of affliction
  • Revives us
  • Provides stability
  • Reminds us of God’s work in the past
  • Helps us to think and respond to wickedness in a righteous manner
  • Puts a song in our hearts
  • Instructs us about the Author of the word
  • Guides us according to God’s ways
  • Is a source of comfort during the night

We have the blessed privilege of benefiting from the incomprehensible value of God’s word. Might we share the psalmist’s heart when it comes to our perspective of the value of God’s word.

And I shall lift up my hands to Your commandments, which I love; and I will meditate on Your statutes.
Psalm 119:48

O how I love Your law! It is my meditation all the day.
Psalm 119:97

I hate those who are double-minded, but I love Your law.
Psalm 119:113

Therefore I love Your commandments above gold, yes, above fine gold.
Psalm 119:127

Consider how I love Your precepts; revive me, O LORD, according to Your lovingkindness.
Psalm 119:159

Those who love Your law have great peace, and nothing causes them to stumble.
Psalm 119:165